About The Company


B. P. Capital Limited was a Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC). The Company was duly registered with RBI with registration No. 14.00145 and was carrying on NBFC's activities. The main business of the company was to make both long term and short term investment in quoted as well as unquoted shares. The company was also gaves short term and long term loans to its borrowers. The company earned revenue by way of dividend received on stock in trade and interest on loans so given to the borrowers. Till the year 2016, the Company continued its focus and efforts in Capital Market as well as in making loans to the potential and sound borrowers. The Directors of the company are optimistic that company would be able to fetch better returns in the future.


B.P. Capital Limited (BPCL) is a widely held listed company. B.P. Capital Limited was registered as NBFC Company with RBI but was not carrying any major activity for long hence the shareholders of the Company are not getting any return on their investment. Further, the Company had also surrendered its NBFC certificate with RBI. Diamond Footcare Udyog Private Limited (DFUPL) is one of the leading footwear manufacturer in India. It has massive manufacturing facility at Footwear Park, Bahadurgarh, Haryana. The management of the two Companies decided to consolidate the two companies to take advantage of listing and liquidity for the footwear business, which has potential to grow much faster if sufficient working capital is made available. With this objective, the management of DFUPL has acquired the management and control of BPCL by giving an open offer in terms of SEBI (SAST) Regulations, 2011 and also decided to surrender the NBFC Licensee of BPCL to initiate the footwear business in it. The RBI vide its order dated 6th October, 2016 cancelled the NBFC License of BPCL and hence, now the management of the two companies have decided to implement the plan of merger the two companies and transfer the Footwear business of DFPL as a going concern along with its brand and goodwill. The merger of the two companies would substantially strengthen the balance sheet of the DFUPL and shall create a larger and financially stronger entity, which will have better resources for business growth and expansion.

After the approval of proposed merger, the Company will start carrying on the footwear business as per the scheme of merger.